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She was also mistaken for Kurt’s mother, more than once.

Kurtis, a stock boy, meets and falls instantly in love with Brenda, a cashier at the supermarket where they both work.

Kurt was not turned aside by the children or Zachary’s condition and he and Brenda forged a relationship that resulted in their marrying four years later.

Kurt’s celebrated job at a grocery store took place in 1994 after he got a pink-slip from the Green Bay Packers.

When she was married to Neil, he accidentally dropped Zachary on his head, causing blindness.

It left him handicapped and partially blind, and doctors didn’t think he would have long to live.

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That is why I chose Brenda to present me.” Brenda Warner’s haircut (a mohawk) is always getting some attention, but she doesn’t have cancer (as some have speculated), she just enjoys shaving her head and has a few grey hairs.She left the Marines due to a hardship discharge in 1990.