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So far, I have almost 2 GIGs of animated GIFS up there, and I haven't paid them a red penny. You just have to suffer through an add from time to time. It's soo easy to win a Pulitzer when you're churning out quotable praise in all-caps followed by a dozen exclamation marks.On the other hand, the genuine, bona-fide critics among us aren't afraid to expose the dregs so fellow viewers will be spared the pain. an A for a video which “isn't perfect” and, according to you could have been improved in several ways? I fear you and Roger are diluting the pool with lenient grading and selective critiques.I did perform a perfunctory search for the story featuring Muriel, the pincushion blonde who is abused by the count and his wife. Although I did not check the copies I have in storage, most of these are older and less explicit, and it's unlikely I'll find this scene among them. Honestly, I find it just as hot today as I did the first time I saw it, and you can't say that with a lot of porn. Everything about her from head to toe is just sexual dynamite.I did locate the sequence (16 pages) in my online archives, so perhaps that is why it seemed familiar. It's not just how gorgeous she is, and she is GORGEOUS, with beautiful natural tits, with tiny perfect nipples, and a figure most women would kill for, but it's more than messages from hopeful (sometimes desperate) men - so much so that the average pretty girl with options doesn't last longer than a few weeks on the site before throwing her hands up in frustration and resignation and abandoning her account. Grizzled POF dating veterans who cut through newbie online dating hopefuls like female paramilitary troopers trained at mercilessly crushing and cannibalizing the unready and unprepared.In this article, I'm going to take you through what I learned in four (4) years of using Plenty of Fish to meet, date, and sleep with tons of new girls, including some of the hottest girls on POF in Southern California.Please don't join Roger by going soft in order to gain the favor of producers and the international press. I suppose we can live with the latter – a solid recommendation is always welcome – but please don't exclaim “masterpiece! @Mark Evans: thanks for those pics, the 3D blended in quite well with the movie stills.

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But on the other hand, taping has a nice rough and ready feel, as if your captors are improvising, like in that terrific scene from The Pick-Up.They are of low quality and seem to have been input some time ago. I haven't seen anyone else unsolicited say there's to many Fumetti here. A Canadian wrote: Torture Club is worth seeing but it's nothing to get excited about.As they were found on the 'net, I would not be surprised if you already have them. They deserve to be here as much as any other great GIMP artwork. As much as I appreciate your review AC, I don't agree that anything I can't get excited about is still worth seeing. Thanks for an informative write-up and those outstanding caps.The body has to be wet or the skin punctured with clamp teeth to do so for a proper torture gimp scene.

Accidentally electrocuting yourself with your car is easier than house current because the entire car body is a ground wire.

After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website.