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01-Dec-2017 01:56

While Ms Milano may have started the online campaign, however, the "me too" movement actually started with a Black activist in Harlem more than 10 years ago.

Community organiser Tarana Burke founded the me too Movement in 2006, in order to spread awareness and understanding about sexual assault in underprivileged communities of colour.

Charlotte Kirk, 23, felt compelled to tell her mother about a recent incident when a close friend’s boyfriend groped her without consent. “Her response was basically, ‘Believe it or not, this doesn’t get better even after you’re married and have three kids.’ She had been in the exact same position before, too,” said Kirk, a medical research assistant in Boston.

“Of course dads want to protect you like nobody’s business, so his response was a little bit more aggressive, angry.” Her father, Kevin Downes, said “no dad ever wants to hear these things.” Weinstein, accused by a number of women of sexual harassment and assault in incidents dating back to the 1980s, has denied having non-consensual sex with anyone.The hashtag filled Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, bringing a flood of personal stories with it.