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24-Jun-2017 19:17

Among the doctors too, there is a wide range in earnings.

This is partly because of the nature of specialization into various disciplines like cardiology, oncology, obstetrics or family practice.

It is not necessary for a doctor to find another super-intelligent partner to be happy in love - quite the contrary really, since a partner with average intelligence is less likely to seem competition.

However you should be prepared to offer your doctor date some opportunities of interesting conversation or intellectually-engaging interests if you want your relationship to be compatible on all fronts.

Finally look through online dating agencies which claim to be able to match you up with doctors among other successful professionals.

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At times, your doctor partner may not even be able to give you the kind of attention you deserve – but not because he/she loves you any less, but because there people’s lives and well-beings at stake and to which he/she is bound by professional ethics.Besides professional events, look for lifestyle venues like exclusive resorts or golf clubs where the most successful of doctors are likely to relax over a drink or with a round at the links.