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19-Jul-2017 06:45

Because that woman is not fucking defined by who she is or isn’t with. I no longer believe this is a problem black women can or should ‘fix’.And therefore, it is a problem we can and should let go of. I understand that many black girls grow up with dreams of jumping the broom with a black man and having melanin babies.Hope that some of ‘them’ saw the value in ‘us.’ If you were to ask me today what I think about the increasing number of black men dating and marrying interracially, you would be met with indifference.Maybe it’s because I’ve been through too much shit these past few years, but I don’t really give a fuck anymore (and please be forewarned, f bombs will be dropped throughout this post.I felt melancholy when the black men around me took up non-black wives and girlfriends and smugness whenever a black man tried to make a pass at me without his non-black partner noticing.I held up black male celebrities who married black women as beacons.

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I remember a group of us black girls sitting on my college roommate’s bed as she gravely recited the stats, “42% of black women never get married because a lot of black men are in jail, and the good ones are marrying white girls. The panic stayed with me throughout my early adulthood.One of the base principles of relationships is this: You cannot change a man.The same, I believe, is true of large demographic swathes.” It’s, “What the hell are black women doing to be constantly ragged on??

” And honestly I am not doing a damn fucking thing to deserve whatever vitriol is spewed in the direction of black women.

But here’s the other thing; “What the fuck can you even do?

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