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soft wind ripples across the sand at Newport Beach, California, and over the jagged outline of the jetty, the tops of sailboats float by.

A yellow flag with a large black dot, signifying a ban on boards in the water, hangs over the lifeguard stand. ” The ocean finally empties out, stragglers pulling their boards behind them.

A fellow body surfer responds that comments about ex-wives are something you hear a lot at the Wedge.

Preparing to go in, Jencks places plugs in his ears to prevent infection, and he now wears a cap to protect his scalp from the sun.

The guys who made the Wedge their careers, working night jobs for twenty years in order to have their days free to body surf.

The guy who was here 44 years ago to body surf on the morning of his wedding and is back in the water on this day, his anniversary, as his wife looks on from the sand.

Sometimes the sun is setting and you’re in a wave…” she recalls, her voice trailing off like one such wave dissolving into the beachfront. Another time, someone kneed her in the nose during a ride, drawing blood and causing a concussion. It’s like clawing your way up a wall.” With a family of three kids at home, including a three-month-old, Willard doesn’t get to the Wedge very much anymore.

She made a habit of Wedge life for several years, bartending at night and sleeping and swimming at the Wedge by day.

“In my twenties, I was spending as much time as possible there.

“I’ve been coming here every summer for 51 years, and no one else can make that claim,” he crows.

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With his long grey-blondish tresses and bright yellow speedo, Jencks is a colorful figure, given to wry musings.

One woman yodeled while another clucked her tongue, in what seemed like a festive femininity dance. Some had the build of sumo wrestlers, others resembled tiny fairies. Their breasts and womanly figures propelled them into all sorts of torrid affairs I heard about three continents away.

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