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Here you'll find essential planning, marking, assessment and display materials.

There are teaching ideas, revision ideas, marking guides and other templates that you can adapt for your class.

You may be out of your comfort zone but you never know it could turn out to be a great match and the best decision you could have made. Dates can be fun even if you have nothing in common with the other person.

I always find that a date will only be fun if you go in with an open mind, If you are already set on it being bad then no doubt it will end up that way because you have placed that thought in your head. So go in open minded and you might be surprised at how much fun you could have.

They may not be dating potential but they could end up being a good friend which is something to be happy about.

It’s also really valuable to have a good network of single friends, so when all your besties are in relationships you will always have people to go out with.

You can check out our events at: and if you are nervous bring a friend along to make the experience a bit more relaxing.

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One of my friends met their current boyfriend through being set up by a co-worker and they hit it off like a house on fire and have been together for 3 years now – see it does work  and really what have you got to lose? The retailer said today that 54 per cent of respondents said they would more likely date a fellow if he owns an i Phone.