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This suspicion leads to a discovery that propels the story to Issue 9, showcasing the most amazing conflict between Peter Parker and Otto Octavius, “The Superior Spider-Man,” that I have ever read in a comic book.Whether you pick up this one digitally or the print version, the layout and slow build of this book leaves you questioning does good always win or has Marvel changed the rules?When her relationship with Harry comes to an end, it has significant impact on Harry, driving him to a drug overdose.

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After yet another period of reconsidering his priorities in life, Peter contemplates letting go of the Spider-Man mantle, with Mary Jane backing the decision, but his relationship with Felicia Hardy soon resumes.Their relationship has a few initial hurdles, such as MJ's hot temper and Peter's always dashing off to be Spider-Man.Following the events of the clone saga, Peter realizes that Mary Jane is the girl he has always loved, and the two begin dating again. The switch works and unfortunately Peter doesn’t make it out of Otto’s body before he dies.

Oc switches bodies with Peter Parker as he’s dying.However, despite loving Peter, MJ does not wish to be tied, and when she allows the relationship to progress too far, she is left with a difficult decision when Peter proposes to her.