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21-Dec-2017 03:44

"Right at the bottom of the garden, there is a faerie ring. In return, the fairies, Yvonne says, look after and "protect us in lots of different ways".I have gone down and seen them dancing around," Yvonne says. Next to the three stone sculptures of angels on a bench, we are enjoying a glass of wine on some old wood decking that is from "an ancient swamp in Indonesia.

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(Yvonne has been living here, with her angels and Tullulah-Shulah, for almost nine years.) Her book shelves groan under the weight of books on astrology and tarot and healing.As for Yvonne, she says she has the two great loves of her life: the fathers of her two children, Tallulah-Shulah (rough translation: Tallulah: "leaping water" and Shulah: "peace") and Emma Jane. In here, over more wine, her mind wanders back to her youth. "Sometimes you do things you shouldn't have done and you realised it but," she smiles, "you do them anyway." One such occasion was at a race meeting in the Eighties, when her eye was drawn across the room to a tall, swarthy Italian man. "He said to me one-time: 'Darling' -- "he always called me darling" -- 'you come with me to Hollywood.

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