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( Campaign contributions ,from VECQ, execu- tives to U lawmakers, including Chenault, •were, detailed in a guest, opinion article, that ran in:the, state’s three largest newspapers, in, March. Hats werei-even made, the initials ■CBCr' onlthem, tbut Ithafc was. Backes said Friday when contacted at the .offices , of 'ithe Alaska Gasline 1 Port Authority.*. Here’s hoping healthy residents snuff out the effort The Great Pumpkin: J. Megchelsen of Nikiski rocks-the state fair scale with his' Alaska-record pumpkin. Nowhere,’ connecting Ketchikan said they had advanced farther than any Alaska team before, flie Luscious Lobe was a tad out of date.

A 12 th lawmaker, Senate President Ben Stevens, the son- of U. pipeline proposal different- from, the proj- ect favored by- Gov. The Nunaka Valley Little League Junior Eastpitch Softball team west to the West- ern Regionals earlier in the month.

Tony Knowles today came out with an unspecific but strongly worded five-point stand on ethics.

“On day one, when I take office, I will execute an executive order requiring all executive branch employees to follow the highest ethical standards and disclose any potential conflicts, so Alaskans are fully informed,” said Knowles (right).

“Alaskans are, on average, slightly, richer than Americans who live in the Lower 48 states.

The Last Frontier,” * but urban areas — where four- fifths of Alaskans live /—are am- : ply stocked with espresso bars, broadband corinectioris and all comforts of modernity.

, no% darilng^ tritth is .’stranger; than ESn: can Party attorney Bill Large qutbf guy allegedly here for ri b more ■ . .*• ' PULEEZE: Governor Murkow- sld officially dedared Friday Christopher Allridge D&y.

“I'd like the FBI to come forward with some information. Significantly, Murkowski’s failure to win legislative ratification of his gas line contract will result in a ballot initiative vote for a $ l billion tax on gas reserves. Commisv sion records, Halero, who represented Anchorage , in the House of Representatives for four years, collected ,500 in 19.Knowles signed that I would consider ethically questionable: the private prison in Kenai, repealing voluntary term limits,” Halcro said.Knowles says everything he did was above board, which is part of the candidates’ three-way conversation about who spoke out or acted on ethics earliest and most often. But to proclaim a day in his honor, be* cause he showed up that night /at election central, pushed in a' wheelchair by Frank, thus, demonstrating “commitment to ; open government and volunteer activism? FLYING FACTOID: Doug Mcrtz, the lawyer who represents the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” kid, is married to Margo Waring, a /member of the Juheau-Doug-, tlas'School Board, which Her * husband sued and beat; the .school board that is now taking the infamous free speech ease to the U. Ted Stevens was probably having a bad week even 'before the search’ warrants Vvere served.

, How ,deilghte'd\ya‘s (he .current CIHI 'management to answer ques- tions abqutiyeco bind past CHS . Be’: : the campaign volunteer- who (^ught asjray.ricochet from the 'drive-by on Northern Lights on- primary day. Darlings; this ishothlng against Mr/Ailridge, who is no doubt a good guy.

Halcro also is avoiding all VECO money, which he calls “going out on a strong limb.” Earlier this year, state Rep. While lawmakers wonder about the FBI’s intentions, they're also awaiting word, from Gov. Members of the House of Representatives say they have not heard whether the governor will heed their plea not to call another special session on his gas line deal.