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27-Dec-2017 06:23

Once I posted my pictures on Instagram (@the24thofjune), the floodgates opened.

I immediately received interest from photographers with amazing portfolios of work.

Chris Jones: My name is Chris June, I’m from Largo, Maryland originally, and currently reside in Atlanta.

I’ve always had an interest in the arts but it wasn’t until my first photoshoot in September 2016 that I really began to consider life in front of the camera.

My upcoming projects include Blackville, an LGBT drama, co-starring Rico Pruitt, set to debut this fall on BAWN TV; and I am also portraying “De’Andre” in Lee Hayes’ .

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Lastly, I portray “Marcus” in Rahim Brazil’s , a drug addicted, and HIV positive brother, who finds himself caught up in a web of circumstances that lead back to a health center and complicated ties to a group of people who attend there.

I now see this was a stepping stone for acting; as each of the performances and clips I posted showcased my ability to embody different personas.

Shortly after October 2016, Tyson Anthony, the author and creator of the hit web series, Acting was never a career path I originally considered, but I have always been interested in the arts.

We have a lot of people in today’s world who regretfully lose their lives and end up being a hashtag due to community issues, which inspires the name of that collection.

There are currently two collections “Hash-Tag” and “Issavibe” “Vibe” is a feeling and you have good or bad ones. I really just enjoy creating; so whether that’s drawing, acting, or singing, it is about me and how I see it coming together.The show is very provocative and shows the problems with online dating in an entertaining and thrilling way. The complexity of a character often draws me to the role. You have to face a lot of opposition from the straight community, a lack of roles in the white community, and sadly, opposition from the gay community.

Our offices are located on the 6th floor in the hotel.… continue reading »

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While the number of hits has been declining since I stopped my daily updates, it amazes me how many people find my site through Google when they are obviously looking for something else.… continue reading »

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