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Common side effects of the procedure include cramping, nausea, sweating, and feeling faint.Less frequent side effects include possible heavy or prolong bleeding, blood clots, damage to the cervix and perforation of the uterus.Your doctor will also give you antibiotics to help prevent infection.What are the side effects and risks of suction aspiration?

The rods may also be put in a few days prior to the procedure.If needed, forceps may be used to remove larger parts.The last step is usually a final suctioning to make sure the contents are completely removed.You will lie on your back with your feet in stirrups, and a speculum is inserted to open the vagina.

A local anesthetic is administered to your cervix to numb it.

When the cervix is wide enough, a cannula, which is a long plastic tube connected to a suction device, is inserted into the uterus to suction out the fetus and placenta.